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Fundamentals of toxicology

Eligible subject for students of  general medicine and stomatology in the 2nd year/summer semester
More information: Ass. Prof. Marie Balikova PhD, marie.balikova(zavináč)lf1.cuni.cz, phone 224967181
List of lessons:
1)      Introduction. Various tasks in toxicology.
2)      Fundamentals of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Biotransformation and enzymes.
3)      Toxic effects. Assessment of toxicity of xenobiotics. Experimental toxicology.
4)      Metals and inorganic compounds.
5)      Industrial organic compounds.
6)      Ecotoxicology and occupational toxicology
7)      Chemical warfare agents. Toxic effects
8)      Herbal and animal toxins. Frequency of intoxications
9)      Nutritional toxicology. Preservatives, colours. Alimentary aditives.
10)  Clinical toxicology. Overdose by pharmaceuticals, drugs of abuse
11)  Forensic toxicology. Interesting case reports.
12)  Legislation concerning  toxicology 
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